URGENT: Natural Instincts Healthy Pet Center needs your HELP!

natural-instincts-signAfter 8 years of faithful service to our community members and their beloved pets, we are facing a major challenge… we are being forced to re-locate very quickly!

Initially it seemed like an impossible undertaking, but then we realized it was an amazing opportunity to be able to do more for our community and to save more animals with expanded adoption and rescue services. Plus we will be able to create a more robust resource for our community of people and pets.

We have found a BEAUTIFUL new location in Alpine that is central, highly visible and has plenty of parking; and with the help of an amazing local family (the building owner) we were able to secure a good long-term lease.

Our new facility will incorporate expanded adoption services for dogs and cats, more healthy pet education programs, more training programs and an exciting new indoor daycare facility. In our NEW location, we will also continue to offer end-to-end solutions for you and your pet with a much larger retail space allowing for more variety and a better shopping experience.

We are most excited to expand our adoption services to be able to help more animals. The non-profit organization we work with, Shelter Pet Partners, rescued over 552 dogs and cats last year. With your help, we will be able to rescue more dogs and cats from being euthanized in shelters and place them in loving homes.

We cannot do it without you! We need to raise $40,000.00 in a very short period of time to complete the construction and the move…to accomplish this we created a fun and beneficial Cash Donation Rewards Program.  DONATE HERE

Cash Donation Rewards:

Your donations are not just great for the community, but fun & valuable for you as well!

For your cash donation you will receive:

$25 – ½ day doggy daycare

happy-pups$30 – self-serve dog wash

$50 – full day doggy daycare

$75 – group obedience dog training

$150 – 2 nights boarding for one dog

$250 – rights to name a rescue cat

$350 – rights to name a rescue dog

$450 – 7 nights boarding for one dog

$750 – Your name permanently displayed on a doggie suite (7 available)

$1,000 –Your name permanently on our rescue doggie suite or cattery (only 1 each available).

$2,500 – Naming rights for our adoption program (5 years). Our adoption program will be named after you or your company. Imagine the great publicity and goodwill this type of program can bring.

When we are reach our goal of $40,000, we will host a private cocktail reception for all of our backers who pledge $150 and up. DONATE HERE


Other Ways You Can Help

Think your friends might be interested in this campaign? Please share this link: https://www.crowdrise.com/naturalinstinctsrelocation/fundraiser/samanthal91901 on social media to help get the word out. Head over to Facebook and “like” our page! Sign up for our newsletter to keep progress on how we are doing.

Thank you for your support, we could not do it without YOU!

Here’s a little sneak peak into what our NEW boarding area will look like:

rendering-3 rendering-4 rendering-2



Read our full story here:


Our Story

jordan-natural-instinctsMy husband Dan and I have a never-ending love for animals. Dan has been training dogs for over a decade, and I have spent countless years researching pet foods, quality ingredients, and supplements for the health of our own pets.

As residents of Alpine, the small mountain community nestled in the hills of San Diego, we noticed a huge deficit in the services and products available for our 4-legged family members. With minimal pet products available at our grocery stores, the closest alternative for buying pet products was nearly 17 miles away, a long distance for living in San Diego. We know that when choosing a pet food, it can be confusing what foods are actually good for our pets, even for highly educated consumers like ourselves. We grew frustrated that wasn’t a place we could go to ask questions about how to solve our pet’s problems naturally. We soon discovered our passion to solve this problem ourselves and thus, Natural Instincts Health Pet Center began! Together, we knew we could make a difference in the quality of our local pets’ lives.

We could have chosen a more fiscally lucrative location down the hill, but we wanted to make a difference in OUR community, the community we live in and love. Our vision was to offer quality pet foods at affordable prices, top notch advice on helping dogs and cats through issues they faced, and a multitude of helpful services right here in our own backyard. In 2008, we founded Natural Instincts Healthy Pet Center as a safe haven for pets and the people who love them.

Over the years we have added a self-serve dog spa and full-service grooming center with some of the finest cuts around. Recently, we added doggy daycare and boarding in a cozy, home-like environment with overnight care. We have grown to offer almost everything a pet owner needs to keep their pet happy and healthy. However, we want to do MORE! That is where the COMMUNITY can get INVOLVED!


jacki-natural-instinctsWe have adopted numerous rescue cats and a small number of dogs out of our store. We don’t charge to adopt them, we don’t keep a penny from any of their adoptions, we simply strive to find them loving homes. The adoption fees paid are kept and wisely utilized by one of the best rescues we know. We simply house, feed, and love on the cats we have on display. For current customers, you know “display” means the cat has the run of the store and essentially calls the shots!


Our current facility is not big enough to house more than 1-2 cats at a time and has no extra room for rescue dogs. Adoption events are dependent on weather, rescue organizations availability, customer scheduling conflicts, and require intense staffing on our part.


The organization we work with rescued over 552 dogs and cats last year. More importantly, they are working to ensure the number of foster homes in San Diego County increases dramatically to help save shelter animals from being euthanized. I can’t share details just yet, but this is a huge win for the animals. WE WOULD LIKE TO DO MORE for these animals, we want to find more homes for these pets and let the community meet and fall in love with even more dogs and cats alike.



After eight years at our current location, we have determined that our current space is not big enough to hold our dreams. When we turned down the request to sign a 5-year lease, we were asked to vacate within 60 days. That date that we must move our facility is nearing quickly, it is May 18th, 2015.


The future

natural-instincts-boardingWe have found a BEAUTIFUL new location here in Alpine and we are excited to make our move. Our new facility will hold our daycare and operation entirely indoors. That means appropriate drainage, special indoor synthetic turf, and individual suites for our pets.


Our dream to expand our animal rescue is even bigger. We want to start housing multiple rescue cats and dogs at a time! Imagine going to a pet store and seeing that adorable dog in the window. You often wonder if buying that dog supports puppy mills, animal cruelty, and unnecessary breeding of neglected animals. NOW, imagine a place where you can be guaranteed to get a dog that has been rescued, a pet who needs to find a forever home in order to live the most wonderful life that they deserve. THIS is what we want to provide in our new location.


With this move, we can help the nonprofits we work with by feeding, caring for and displaying more animals every single day of the week to the hundreds of customers that we serve.


In our NEW store, we will continue to offer end-to-end solutions for you and your pet. We will have a much larger retail space allowing for a bigger variety of products. Our beautiful new store will have a much more accessible space, making your shopping experience even more enjoyable! Most of all, we are excited to expand our rescue, help more animals, provide a better experience for our customers and to make more great products available for our pets!


The Impact

Helping Natural Instincts Health Pet Center make this move will not only create a better shopping environment for our community, but it will save many rescue animals lives. With your help, we will be able to rescue more dogs and cats from being euthanized and place them in loving homes. We will also continue to offer what we currently have and more in our wonderful community, and offer the invaluable services every dog owner needs.


Please consider donating through our fun Cash Donations Rewards Program and please share with all your friends! THANK YOU.