Why Tripe?

Why Tripe?

tripe-3Last week we spoke about the importance of digestive enzymes and probiotics as a part of your pets diet in our article What’s the Hype About Tripe?

To recap, digestive enzymes aid in digestion, meaning the body does not have to expend as much energy when digesting a meal. Probiotics increase the nutritional benefit from your pet’s meals.  A healthy digestive system leads to a healthier pet – reduce or eliminate toxins, skin problems, gas issues; improve metabolism, hormonal function and boost the immune system.

Furthermore, one of the best ways to add these essential nutrients to your pets diet is through tripe, the stomach of ruminant animals such as cow, buffalo, lamb and sheep. Tripe offers a 1:1 calcium:phosphorous ratio, is high in protein, low in fat, contains essential fatty acids – in their recommended proportions. Tripe protein is broken down into specific amino acids that the body then uses to support healthy skin, eyes, heart, intestines, bones and muscle.

Some put off feeding tripe because it stinks. We don’t blame you! For the sake of your dog, we beg you to reconsider braving the smell to feed this food abundant in benefits. Tripe can help even the pickiest eaters love their food again.

Tripe is available in many forms – raw, freeze dried, canned, and treats!

It’s always best to consume products in their natural form. But if you just can’t brave the smell, at the minimum, consider supplying digestive enzymes and probiotic supplements in pill or powder form.

It is essential for people to use quality digestive enzymes and probiotics, too. Click to learn more about the benefits of enzymes


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