We Do Not Racially Segregate

We Do Not Racially Segregate

pitbull (3)_opt.png-opt

pitbull-456619_640 (3)_optYou would think in 2015 racial segregation would be eliminated and gender equality would exist. Not so.

Some people feel nervous or frightened around a dog solely because of its breed, even though this dog may be very loving and friendly. This is like racial profiling in humans. Frankly, it’s wrong!

“But Pit Bulls have a history of aggression,” some say. Yes, because they have attracted the worst kind of dog owners – those seeking a macho dog and use this breed for fighting. Now their sweet, non-aggressive reputation is destroyed.

A major corporation who boards dogs does not allow bully breeds, nor will they allow any interaction of dogs with an un-neutered male. And, if you want your dog played with while staying there, it costs extra. A lot extra. I was heart broken. It’s not right.

I saw a customer wearing a “Dogversity” shirt yesterday – what a great term! Equality for all!

We DO NOT have a racial or gender segregation policy. We care for dogs based on their individual personalities. We built our daycare / boarding program so dogs feel secure, are socialized, played with, loved on, and happy. Dogs quickly learn our home away from home is a great place to be.

If you are super busy and your dog needs attention / socialization, or you need someone to watch your baby while away on vacation – we can help.

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