Rattlesnake Ssssssseason Is Here: Rattlesnake Aversion For Dogs

Rattlesnake Ssssssseason Is Here

Western_diamondback_rattlesnake copyYou don’t have to expand on that sentence to scare me about the safety of my dogs!

Snakes are most active from spring to fall and we find them close to our house and out on walking trails. Your dog, at some point, might stumble over the location of a snake. If you’re lucky – your dog will avoid the situation. Or, your dog’s curiosity, play drive, or instinctual protective nature will take over and put your dog at risk for a toxic rattlesnake bite!

So what’s the best way to keep your dog safe? An arsenal of approaches.

1) Teach your dog to AVOID rattlesnakes with rattlesnake aversion training. We host several trainings a year to keep dogs safe. Live, local species of snakes are caught and “muzzled” for your dog’s protection. We use positive reinforcement and electronic collars in combination to ensure your dog knows the sight, scent, and sound of the snakes and to avoid them.

2) Cedarcide helps keep snakes away from the area of application. Made of sustainable Texas red cedar granules, it is a natural, safe, and effective product to repel rattlesnakes away from your home.

3) Rattlesnake vaccines can help dogs develop antibodies to neutralize some of the venom. Ideally, vaccinated dogs experience less pain and a reduced risk of permanent injury. Vaccination can also reduce the need for anti-venom. Even with the vaccine, your dog is not entirely protected. If your dog is ever bitten, there is no question it will need immediate emergency medical attention. Have three places in mind, know the fastest routes to get there, and put those emergency numbers on your cell phone speed dial.

Book your dog an appointment for the next rattlesnake aversion clinic – FEBRUARY 7th. Appointments are necessary. Training begins at 8am.