Obedience Training for Your Dog AND You

Obedience Training for Your Dog AND You

Spa3Obedience training, it can seem like a daunting task…how do you communicate with your dog?

A lot of folks face the issue of being walked by their dog (yes, I wrote that correctly), incessant barking, jumping on guests as they arrive, or aggression towards other animals. So how do we fix issues like this? It doesn’t mean taking one or two obedience classes and calling it a day. It doesn’t mean imposing control over your dog and breaking his habit. Your relationship with your dog is about teamwork. It means

  • understanding why your pet has this behavior and what triggers the situation
  • learning to read body language so you can correct him before the behavior starts
  • having the knowledge of both correction, redirection, and praise techniques AND the timing of each
  • consistent, consistent, consistent training.

Your dogs should have self-control, manners, and know basic commands. It’s simple to make training part of your daily life. If you need help, take obedience classes with your dog and learn something new together!

Natural Instincts offers weekly obedience classes. We don’t just train your dog to Sit, Stay, and Heel – we help you Learn, Teach, and Lead your dog! With these tools in place, the bond with your dog will be stronger and create a happier relationship.

Our on-staff trainer, Dan, brings nearly 20 years experience to customize training for your dog’s unique needs. Classes are held at various times on the weekends, based on customers’ needs. Call the store to get on the training list. 619-445-1550

Learn How to Work With Your Dog at Natural Instincts Obedience Training!