New Year New Training

New Year New Training

dog-training-1Now that we are several weeks into the new year, I’m curious how many people made the resolution to do more with their dog. Spend more time with them, exercise them more, teach them a cool new trick, or better yet – fix an issue that is driving you crazy!

dog-training-2We all get busy and neglect our pets’ bad habits. Don’t worry, I’m on that list, too! Our dog, Harley, is so fiercely protective of his “girls” that he becomes protective when we hug and kiss them goodbye because we are in their personal space. Harley’s response is to get up close to them, protectively, and bark. Unfortunately, it’s a high-pitched, ear-piercing, I wish my dog was never let in the house, headache-inducing bark. We have ignored it way too long! My resolution has been to fix this behavior.

Other folks face the issue of being walked by their dog (yes, I wrote that correctly), incessant barking, jumping on guests as they arrive, or aggression towards other animals. So how do we fix issues like this? It doesn’t mean taking one or two obedience classes and calling it a day. It doesn’t mean imposing control over your dog and breaking his habit. Your relationship with your dog is about teamwork.

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