Is Your Dog Driving You Nuts?

Is Your Dog Driving You Nuts?


Statistically, certain breeds do have higher numbers of aggression. Most often, it’s the fault of irresponsible and ignorant pet owners. Bad dog behavior is often created by lack of exercise and attention, and escalated by failure to recognize, address, and correct bad behavior. Period.

dog agression_opt (2)Racial profiling with dogs (as we discussed last week HERE) is completely different than understanding breed characteristics. Breed characteristics help determine whether your dog will be high energy, a couch potato, a protector, or have herding tendencies. Understanding the breed helps owners determine what fits their lifestyle and what issues they may need to address in training.

When breed characteristics are identified and addressed, the problems generally don’t escalate into an unruly or aggressive dog.

If your dog is driving you nuts, we can help you identify what characteristics are driving that, how to understand your dog’s behavior, and give you the tools for your dog to behave better.   Happy dog = happy life.

At Pawsitive Steps, we do more than teach your dog to sit, stay, and heel. We help you to learn, teach, and lead.

We offer dog training in a group setting or one-on-one in your home for dogs with home-based problems, aggression, or a session that fits your scheduling needs. Register here  or call 619-445-1550